About MHMP

Welcome to My Husband Makes Pies! We are a husband and wife team from Melbourne, Australia and we are very passionate about making quality pizzas at home.

Our obsession with replicating restaurant-quality pizzas at home began when we realised that we were able to do so (or at least get pretty close) with other cuisines, but pizza always proved a touch more challenging. We made it our mission to figure out the secret to making pro pizzas at home, and we reckon we’re just about there. However, we are always learning and constantly inspired by the pizza community.

Pizza is a great way for us to express ourselves in the kitchen. It can be as simple or as complicated as we like, and we love the creativity that goes into each and every pie.

What we love most about pizza is that it is the perfect food to share and bring people together. There’s nothing quite like gathering with friends and family and enjoying quality food and each other’s company.

Thank you for visiting My Husband Makes Pies and we hope you’ll join us on our pizza-making journey!